IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 3D AI Challenge & Workshop from Alibaba

Alibaba is the Platinum sponsor of IJCAI-PRICAI 2020. They have release a large-scale benchmak 3D-FUTURE: a richly-annotated, large-scale repository of 3D furniture shapes specific to household scenario. Based on 3D-FUTURE, they organise the IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 3D AI Challenge, including image-based 3D shape retrieval, 3D object reconstruction, and instance segmentation competitions.

The 3D AI challenge 2020 workshop homepage has been released at

The competition tracks webpage are as follows:
1. image-based 3D shape retrieval: https://tianchi.aliyun.com/competition/entrance/231789/introduction
2. 3D object reconstruction: https://tianchi.aliyun.com/competition/entrance/231788/introduction
3. instance segmentation: https://tianchi.aliyun.com/competition/entrance/231787/introduction

The Competition is open to all individuals, companies, colleges, research institutions. One account per participant. A contestant can only join one team. The registration information must be correct and valid. Any false information or cheating behavior will lead to disqualification for ranking and awarding.

1st place: USD 1,500
2nd place: USD 1,000
3rd place: USD 500
Presentation at our IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 Workshop
Co-author of the workshop report.

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