Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Submissions

1. Can I submit a paper to IJCAI if it is already on arXiv?

Yes. We require that any submission to IJCAI must not be already
published or under review at another archival conference or journal.
Papers put on arXiv do not violate this rule as long as
they are not cited by the submitted paper.

2. A preliminary version of my paper has already been presented at a
workshop or a conference without formal proceedings. It it ok to
submit it to IJCAI?

Yes. This applies more generally to papers presented in any
non-archival venue (that is, as long as there are no formally
published proceedings with a publisher).

3. How strict is the author anonymity requirement in the submissions?

IJCAI requires that all submissions be anonymised. To facilitate this,
we require that the authors follow both the letter and spirit of the
normal anonymisation guidelines. Any paper that obviously violates
this requirement will be rejected without review.

4. Can I submit the title and abstract of paper which is under review
for a conference whose notification date is between January 16 and
January 21?


5. My paper has been rejected from AAAI 2020, ECAI 2020, AAMAS 2020, ICAPS 2020.
Do I have to attach the reviews and the response letter?

Yes. Resubmissions from these conferences have to follow the
"Resubmissions of Substantially Improved Recent Submissions" in the call for papers.

6. Is supplementary material allowed for IJCAI submissions?
Are anonymized links to supplementary material allowed?

No. Neither supplementary material nor anonymized links are allowed.
If a paper goes over the page limit or includes any link to
supplementary material on the web, it will be automatically rejected without review.
If extra material, such as full proofs, additional figures or examples,
or more complete data sets are explicitly asked for by reviewers,
such a link may be provided by the authors during the response phase.
This scenario will be used in exceptional cases only and reviewers are
not required to look at this supplementary material.
Submissions to IJCAI-PRICAI should be self-contained.

7. When does a paper qualify as a student paper?

A paper is considered a ‘student paper’, and thus a potential winner
of the ‘Best Student Paper Award’, when the first author is a student
who, at the time of submission, has not obtained any PhD degree
yet. When submitting a paper, this should be indicated by marking the
appropriate checkbox.

8. Can I submit a paper consisting of an extension of a previously
published short paper / extended abstract?

Yes if, for instance, the short paper is a two-column two-page
paper. If the 'short' paper is longer than that, but no longer than
half of the IJCAI paper, then the extension should be significant
enough. Significance will be assessed by reviewers. In any case, the
short version has to be cited and it must be clear that the
IJCAI-PRICAI submission is an extension.

9. Is there a maximal length for titles and abstracts to be submitted
on the website?

Title: It is highly recommended not to go above two lines in the IJCAI
format. Three lines is a strict maximum.

There is no word limit for abstracts. However, 200 words is a nice
upper limit that authors should always apply.

10. What does ‘abstract submission’ mean? Do I have to submit an
abstract if I intend to submit a full paper? Can I submit an abstract

By ‘abstract submission’ we mean that you should register your paper
by giving a title and a short abstract (see FAQ 9). This abstract is
intended for helping program committee members selecting the papers
they are competent for reviewing. There are no abstract-only
submissions, nor any paper-only submissions: in all cases, you must
submit an abstract, and then you must submit a full paper. (See
abstract submission and paper submission deadlines on the web site).

11. When submitting a paper I have to agree with the IJCAI-PRICAI 2020
submission policy, which says that no additional author will be
allowed after the paper submission deadline has passed. Will I be
allowed to change the author order if the paper is accepted?


Frequently Asked Questions about Rebuttal

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